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August 2023 NEWSLETTER

The BFOA provides more than just a hand-up to our broadcasting colleagues - we are a source of inspiration to our grant recipients, supporters and peers.
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A Note of Thanks

Dear Broadcasters Foundation of America,

I am aware after seven failed attempts to try to get my new liver, that, finally, getting it on try number eight was nothing short of a miracle. On a different level, there was another miracle - the Broadcasters Foundation of America's grant. The grant from the BFOA has done for me what I imagine it has done for many others in my situation, helped. I’m actually able to pay off my bills and not have to borrow money from family and friends.

At first, I was too proud to apply for this, but what I’ve noticed, with a few rare exceptions, there’s two kinds of people in the world: those that have been humbled and those that will be. I’m so glad the vocation that I love was able to come through for me again.

This is such a noble thing that you guys are doing. To anyone who’s never heard of the grant, I would say you’ve got to learn more about this. I would tell everyone of them to pay attention to the Foundation’s selfless mission. Hopefully you will never need this grant, but you might, or maybe someone you worked with and their family just might. That’s what this Broadcasters Foundation of America grant is all about. It has been a real difference maker for me, as it could be for you, and those you’ve worked with.

I know things will turn around for me. I plan on terrific things ahead, but right now when I really needed it, the Broadcasters Foundation of America came through for me. Boy, do I appreciate it.

Thanks so much,

Harry Teinowitz
Former On-Air Radio Host
Chicago, IL

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